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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Second Amendment Protection Act of 2007

Tamara has a link to a bill by Rep. Ron Paul, H.R. 1096. The text of the bill is here. She doesn't think it has any chance of going anywhere, but you never can tell about these things. After all the hoo-ha over Jim Zumbo it might be possible. Write your rep and ask him/her to vote against H.R. 1022 and for H.R. 1096.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lincoln Lied, People Died

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An Inconvenient Truth

They have to start with your guns because it is damn difficult to tell a man with a rifle what he can and can't do.


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Monday, February 26, 2007


Did you watch the Oscars?

Me neither. Why would anyone want to watch a Hollywood circle jerk?


Sunday, February 25, 2007

Blood Libel

Update here.


Thursday, February 22, 2007


Yes, I have already noticed what they are describing. Whether or not there are toxic chemicals involved, contrails are affecting the weather. I have seen proposals that would limit maximum altitudes to FL310 with lower altitudes in the winter.

While quantification of the effects of NOx and water vapor is still at an early stage there is evidence that contrail formation could make a significant contribution to global warming. This paper builds on previous research that analyzed a policy of restricting air transport cruise altitudes to eliminate contrail formation. Our previous work (Williams et al., 2002) examined altitude restrictions in European air space and concluded that this could be a beneficial policy for reducing climate change impacts from aviation. Since most of the flights in European air space are short haul flights, this paper evaluates the trade-offs between altitude restrictions, fuel burn and journey times for longer haul flights of up to 6000nm. Our focus is on the North Atlantic and US airspace and we examine potential contrail fraction to determine optimal cruise altitudes for reducing contrail formation. Changes in fuel burn and travel times associated with flight levels of 18,000ft and 31,000ft for different aircraft types are analyzed. We find that, in most cases, CO2emission increases would be unlikely to entirely counteract the benefit of possible reductions in contrail formation. For some aircraft types, the percentage increase in emitted CO2 was found to be strongly dependent on journey length. In general, journey times appear not to be a major issue except for some aircraft types. Our results suggest that reducing aircraft cruise altitudes could be a beneficial policy for mitigating climate change impacts from the aviation sector. This is clearly dependent on aircraft type and the distances traveled, but more importantly on ambient atmospheric conditions which can vary significantly between regions and due to daily variation. This suggests that real time flight planning to minimize contrail formation should be investigated as a possible climate mitigation policy.

Get ready folks...life is going to get interesting.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Timeline of events involving the HPV vaccine in Texas


Sunday, February 18, 2007


The Democrats have been a party of traitors from the get go.

Copperheads (politics)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Copperheads were a faction of Democrats in the North who opposed the American Civil War, wanting an immediate peace settlement with the Confederates. The name Copperheads was given to them by their opponents the Republicans, probably derived from the venomous snake (the American copperhead) that strikes without warning — Copperheads reinterpreted this insult as a term of honor, and wore copper liberty-head coins as badges. They were also called "Peace Democrats" and "Butternuts". The most famous Copperhead was Ohio's Clement L. Vallandigham, who was a vehement opponent of Lincoln's policies.

During the American Civil War (1861-1865), the Copperheads nominally favored the Union but strongly opposed the war, for which they blamed abolitionists, and they demanded immediate peace and resisted the draft laws. They wanted Lincoln and the Republicans ousted from power, seeing the president as a tyrant who was destroying American republican values with his despotic and arbitrary actions.

Some Copperheads tried to persuade Union soldiers to desert. They talked of helping Confederate prisoners of war seize their camps and escape. They sometimes met with Confederate agents and took their money. The Confederacy encouraged their activities whenever possible. [1] Most Democratic party leaders, however, repelled Confederate advances.

Some historians, such as Richard Curry, have downplayed the treasonable activities of the Copperheads, arguing that they were traditionalists who fiercely resisted modernization and wanted to return to the old ways.

Would that our spineless president had a set big enough to arrest the bunch, just as Lincoln did.

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Tell us what you really think, Tam!

Tamara lets us know what she thinks of Jim Zumbo:

Listen, you gun-banning cretin: An argument could be made (and has been, by the Supreme Court in the Miller decision) that your hunting guns are not Constitutionally protected at all, except those that meet the requirements for militia service. In other words, if you have any scoped bolt guns in a service caliber, such as 5.56mm or 7.62 NATO, those are golden, but the .17 Remington 'chuck-popper you were fawning over in your name-dropping opening paragraph is a toy that is completely irrelevent to the spirit and intent of the Second Amendment.

Of course she is absolutely correct. Go read the whole thing.

UPDATE: Zumbo is still a dickhead!

UPDATE 2: The Brady Campaign salivates.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Old (new) King Air

The C90B, 13 years young and going strong. Updated with Raisbeck/Hartzell props and dual aft body strakes last year. She is a 245ktas airplane. Not as much flying on this one, about a 100 hrs. The big trip of the year was to Michigan last August.


The New (old) King Air

Here are a couple of pics of the "new" King Air.

Note the "old" technology here. This is vintage 1978! But it is updated by having two GPS navigation systems along with TAWS and TCAS plus Raisbeck/Hartzell propellers and dual aft body strakes. She'll do 230ktas. I put about 300 hrs on her last year, including four trips to Wyoming and other points west.


Assad, Ahmadinejad vow to cooperate against US, Israel

Syrian President Bashar Assad and his Iranian counterpart Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Saturday night pledged to cooperate to confront US and Israeli plans in the Middle East.

"We should cooperate and work to make the public aware of the sinister aims of the United States and the Zionists," Assad said after his meeting with Ahmadinejad, according to the state-run IRNA agency.

So are you stocked up on ammo?"



Disapproving of the decision of the President announced on January 10,
2007, to deploy more than 20,000 additional United States combat troops to

The roll call.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

More on HPV vaccine

HPV vaccine's cost turning into key issue
State medical association cites potential toll on doctors' finances in opposing order

AUSTIN — The high cost of the vaccine that protects against a sexually transmitted virus linked to cervical cancer is becoming a key issue in opposition to Gov. Rick Perry's order that schoolgirls receive the shots.

The Texas Medical Association opposes the mandatory use of the human papillomavirus vaccine partly because of it's effect on doctors' finances. Perry's mandate has the potential to increase doctor's revenue — which will be taxed by the state for the first time next year — but not necessarily their profit, said TMA spokesman Brent Annear.

The out rage over the governor's executive order has been high and the cost is just adding fuel to the fire.

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Remington 700 SPS .308

Even with that whippy "fly rod" barrel it still shoots into less than 1/2 inch at 100 yds. Simply amazing, but then I have always had good luck with Remingtons.

Oh, and it does it with several different types of ammo.

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Shown with the detachable carry handle/rear sights and detachable front sight installed. It shoots into one inch at 100yds.

I went out and bought this right after the election in November.

"Why?", you ask. Read this.

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


AUSTIN – The chorus of social conservatives rose Monday against Gov. Rick Perry's executive order mandating vaccinations for girls against a sexually transmitted virus, including a public plea from an influential state senator and close ally of the governor.

State Sen. Jane Nelson, R-Grapevine, and state Rep. Jim Keffer, R-Eastland, said parents are flooding their phone lines with complaints about Gov. Rick Perry's executive order. Mr. Perry said Monday that he is "firmly on the side of protecting life." State Sen. Jane Nelson, chairwoman of the Senate's health and human services committee, said lawmakers should have been allowed to hear from doctors, scientists and patients before the state implemented such a sweeping mandate.

"This is not an emergency," said Ms. Nelson, R-Grapevine. "It needs to be discussed and debated."

On Friday, Mr. Perry ordered the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to adopt rules requiring Merck & Co.'s new Gardasil vaccine for girls entering sixth grade as of September 2008. The vaccine protects girls against strains of the human papillomavirus that cause most cases of cervical cancer.

Texas would be the first state to mandate the vaccinations.


Ms. Nelson said she plans to ask Attorney General Greg Abbott for an opinion on the legality of the order. Mr. Perry's office has said the Legislature has no authority to repeal his executive order.

Want to Bet?

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