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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Botox and the Evolution of Alcohol Synthesis

My wife suffers from migraines and her neurologist administers botox shots to alleviate her symptoms about every three months. The botox is far and away better than any other type of treatment. She has tried them all. The process of getting the shots is (or could be) painful to watch as well as endure. Her doctor is well practiced and quite dexterous and the process goes exceedingly fast.

Earlier this afternoon while out back doing some chores I had bent down to turn off a water hose. Upon standing I was immediately hit in the upper left eyelid by a red wasp. It was extremely painful to say the least. Not apparent was how painful it would become. I'm not allergic to the stings, thankfully, but any sting in soft tissue about the face causes quite a lot of pain and swelling. I've been stung on the head before. It hurts!

My wife had gone to bed with one of her (infrequent due to botox) migraines so she was of no immediate help. About that time a neighbor phoned wanting something or another. To say that I was about to spaz is something of an understatement. I handled the neighbor's request about the time my eye began to shut. A few minutes later it is about more than I can stand, so I woke her up, hoping that her "pill" had killed the headache. Fortunately, it had. She couldn't really offer anything but moral support, but that was enough. And she got me a couple of aspirin.

So, after about an hour, the fire inside by eyeball began to subside, I'm thinking about what it must be like to get ten botox shots in your face compared to a wasp sting over the eye and drinking a Dos Equis Lager when I run across this.

He says,"We need to appreciate beer more."

Dude! I'm there!


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