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Thursday, February 17, 2005

England's ban on fox hunting with dogs to begin

For two foxes in northwestern England, the ban on hunting came too late.

Caught and killed by the dog pack of the Lunesdale Hunt on a bright winter morning, they were casualties on the last day before the centuries-old sport is banned. Now it's the hounds — in kennels across England and Wales — who face an uncertain future.

The majority of hunts in England and Wales held events today before the start of the ban on hunting with dogs. Scotland, with a separate legal system, had already banned hunting.

"When the ban comes in, we're not going to break the law of course," said Peter Capasso, secretary of the Lunesdale Hunt, based in Sedbergh in northwestern Cumbria County.

Instead, he believes the 350 members of the hunt will vote to continue paying a total of $2,800 a month to keep the 60 dogs alive while hoping that the ban can be repealed. Other hunts, however, have said they may have to kill their dogs.

Warmed by a shot of whisky or coffee dispensed at the Dalesman Country Inn, the members of the Lunesdale Hunt and supporters — many following in cars — set off across the rugged landscape of Howgills as an early mist burned away and the day shone crisp and clear.

"Today, a lot of people have taken the day off work," Capasso said. "It's been like a bank holiday or Boxing Day" — Dec. 26, traditionally the big day on the Lunesdale hunt calendar.

The legislation, forced into law by the House of Commons in November, bans all hunting with hounds including the pursuit of rabbits and deer. Shooting foxes will remain legal.

So if it is still legal to kill the fox, what is the point of the ban?

Answer: So that liberal idiot whackos can cause trouble for normal people.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ummmm no you, its still legal to shoot the foxes because its MUCH less cruel than letting a pack of dogs rip the fox to shreds. it messes up the ecosystem, dogs get injured as well as horses in the chase.

any one who gets kicks from fox hunting needs to evolve.

5:52 PM  

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