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Sunday, January 23, 2005

"America is creating a perverted orthodoxy"

Has belief in God become evidence of mental illness? Over at Majority Rights this is evidently the case.

In the post-war period American Christianity has seen a recession of the Christian element and a procession of the democratic. As the Christian element diminishes the democratic element - as if to mask its newfound muscularity - cloaks itself in sacred Christian rhetoric; a clever shell game.

This is a disturbing development for America and Christians. For instead of promoting the universality of Christ’s message – with a minimum of Christian dogma - America is creating a perverted orthodoxy with Christianity hopelessly entangled in democratic imperialism, engaged by military force.

So our President has faith in God. He is a Christian. He is a Liberal. He is showing evidence of Bipolar Disorder. He is one of the worst political criminals in American history. (see the comments section of the linked post)

I don't agree with everything George Bush does. I didn't agree with his father when he was President. Hell, I was as pissed at Ronald Reagan as I was at Bill Clinton! But, damnit, just because I don't agree with them politically is no reason to believe that they are mentally ill or somehow involved in some weird conspiracy because of the beliefs they have that are different. It pretty well precludes any meaningful dialogue doesn't it?

Demonization of the opposition is the order of the day.


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