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Friday, December 24, 2004

Open Carry

Over at Fish Or Man, Jason has been having an interesting life. He is determined that he can carry his pistol openly, as the Second Amendment says, and has been doing so. He thinks that he needs no permit and is against getting a concealed carry license which he could easily have done in his home state of Washington.

I agree with his position on the necessity of having a permit from the state. I don't personally agree that the state has the authority to presume to license me to carry a firearm. I have the right. It is an inalienable right that is delineated by (not granted by) the Second Amendment. It is what the founders meant, despite any "learned" opinions by lawyers and judges that would have us believe that the state has a right to reasonable regulation. Do you believe that the state has a right of reasonable regulation of your political speech? No? Then why would you believe that the state has a right to reaonable regulation of the means to preserve it?

I don't normally carry any firearms on a day to day basis and have never felt the need to. In Texas we have a system for concealed carry. I don't have a permit and won't have a permit. If I decide that I need a firearm I won't be worrying about any permits.


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