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Friday, November 05, 2004

Textbook Publishers Define Marriage to Appease Texas Board

The Left continues to lose ground.

AUSTIN, Texas — The State Board of Education approved health textbooks for Texas (search) high school and middle school students on Friday, after publishers changed the wording in some of the approved textbooks to reflect marriage as being between a man and a woman.


Board member Mary Helen Berlanga (search) asked the panel to approve the books without the changes.

"We're not supposed to make changes at somebody's whim," Berlanga said. "It's a political agenda, and we're not here to follow a political agenda."

The decision could affect dozens of states because books sold in Texas, the nation's second-largest textbook buyer, often are marketed elsewhere.

The elected board, which includes 10 Republicans and five Democrats, is allowed to reject books only because of factual errors or failure to follow state-mandated curriculum.

I'm sorry but these were factual errors that were corrected. Berlanga is correct that there is a "political agenda" in play here, however. The changes she wanted to keep were put in at the whim of the Left and she certainly is here to follow that political agenda.


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